Rwanda Overview

Rwanda's National Flag.

Area – 26,338 km2
Currency – Rwandan franc
President – Paul Kagame
Population – 11,262,564 (July 2015 est)
Capital City – Kigali
Official Languages – Kinyarwanda, French, English.

Due to its remarkable hilly topography, Rwanda is aptly known as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ for a reason. Rwanda has one savannah park, Akagera National Park and two rainforest parks, Volcanoes National Park home to the mountain gorillas and golden monkey and Nyungwe Forest National Park home to chimpanzees and location of the Nile Congo divide. The most popular of these parks is Volcanoes National Park, which lies along the Virunga Mountains, with eight ancient volcanoes, which are shared by Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.