Murchison Falls National Park

Your boat safari will take you to the base of Murchison Falls themselves. Image © Anne-Marie Weeden.

Terrain – Savannah & Rainforest
Park Size – 3840 km²

Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest national park, famed for its iconic waterfall and abundance of wildlife, thanks largely to its lifeblood the mighty River Nile. The open savannah grasslands in the north of the park are prime habitats for elephant, buffalo, giraffe and big cats for you to seek out with savannah game drives. You can also explore the river Nile with a water safari up to the base of Murchison Falls and climb from the base to the top of the falls where this mighty river squeezes through a 7-meter gap creating an impressive splash and rainbows.

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Key Species:
Monkeys (various), chimpanzee, lion, leopard, Rothschild giraffe, wildcat, serval cat, spotted hyena, mongoose (various), African elephant, honey badger, antelope (various), bohor reedbuck, cape buffalo, giant forest hog, warthog, bushpig, aardvark, hippotamus, nile crocodile, shoebill stork, 451 bird species recorded here.