Kibale National Park

Chimpanzee in Kibale National Park. Image © Steffen Schwörer.

Terrain – Rainforest
Park Size – 766 km²

Kibale National Park is famous for having the highest concentration of chimpanzees in East Africa. With Chimpanzee Tracking and the Chimpanzee Habituation Exercise, you can come face-to-face with these noisy yet elusive creatures. Once inside the forest, you’ll be within the habitat of some 1450 of man’s closest relatives, cohabiting along with 13 other primate species. There are also 60 mammal species located in this park and it’s conveniently located close to Queen Elizabeth National Park for savannah game drives and other activities, making Kibale Forest is highly alluring to nature lovers.

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Key Species:
Monkeys (various), chimpanzee, lion (rare), leopard (rare), golden cat, wildcat, serval cat, spotted hyena (rare), forest elephant, African elephant (rare), southern tree hyrax, Defassa waterbuck, African buffalo, antelope (various), giant forest hog, warthog, bush pig, red river hog, hippopotamus (rare), monitor lizard, 375 recorded bird species.