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About Our Team
Savannah Wings has a core team of three in its Kampala office and employs contractors and third party service providers throughout Uganda, in the field. The company was started in 2015 with its team having a collective sixteen years of experience managing safaris across East Africa.

Steve Cresswell
Founder & Director
Steve has been living in Uganda and working in tourism for five years. He came to Uganda in early 2011 having travelled the country in 2009 and co-founded Kombi Nation Tours with William Boase. He remains a Director of KNT and is operational within both companies.
Steve has a degree from the UK in Countryside Management and a passion for wildlife and conservation. His background is in hospitality in the UK.

Adventure comes naturally to Steve. Before starting his first tour company, he bought a motorbike and travelled with William around Uganda.

Rachel Landman
Founder & Director
Rachel arrived in Uganda from the UK in 2011, hired by a luxury safari company. She had previously worked in Rwanda and had travelled through Africa. Rachel went on to manage a group of lodges and then became a Director at Kombi Nation Tours. Like Steven, she is now a Director and operational within both companies. Rachel has a degree in Business Studies from the UK. She went on to work in business development roles in London for just shy of a decade before moving to Uganda.

Having spent about 4 years of her life travelling, Rachel now enjoys organising things and people!

Benjamin Egesa
Tours Consultant
Benjamin has lived most of his life in Uganda. He holds an MBA from a US university and Bachelor of Commerce for which he studied in India. He has six years of tourism experience in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania (Zanzibar); having started as a field guide and moved on into operations, sales and product development roles.
He started working with Steven and Rachel in early 2015. He is passionate and knowledgeable about wildlife.

A bit of chatterbox, Benjamin knows his wildlife and his country. A few weeks back he told the team a bunch of facts about the eland. We’ll let him tell you more!