Virunga Alliance

Virunga Alliance Logo. Image © Virunga Alliance.

A donation is made to the Virunga Alliance for all tours that visit Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Virunga Alliance is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the National Park Authority (ICCN) of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Virunga Foundation. The fund is a UK-based charity that exists to help protect the flora and fauna of the park, as well as the local communities that live near Virunga’s boundary to ensure sustainable development and stability.

The Virunga Alliance oversees a large number of projects to enhance the protection and development of the park including gorilla and wildlife protection through armed patrols and snare removal. There is also work to increase community education by improve educational access to villages on the park boundaries, which have been decimated after the civil unrest in the region. The Virunga Alliance is further working with the local communities to ensure and higher quality of life with sustainable fishery, agro industry, sustainable energy and tourism projects to ensure everybody benefits from the potential of Virunga National Park.

To read more about the Virunga Alliance you can find their official website here –
Virunga Alliance