Uganda Carnivore Program

Uganda Carnivore Program Logo. Image © Uganda Carnivore Program.

A donation is made to the Uganda Carnivore Program (UCP) for all tours that travel to Queen Elizabeth or Lake Mburo National Parks, Uganda.

The UCP is a multi-disciplinary organisation devoted to the research and conservation of Uganda’s large carnivores, including lions, leopards, and hyenas. Most of the UCP’s activities are centered on Queen Elizabeth National Park, which has some of the most complex human wildlife conflict issues in Uganda, as it is the only park in the country with communities living inside the boundaries.

UCP’s work has two primary focuses. The first is scientific research and monitoring of the large carnivore populations to help direct effort to ensure their survival. The second is community-based activities, which include conservation education, outreach in village schools, community outreach regarding wildlife conflict, and community economic development via participation in ecotourism to build a sustainable situation for the parks communities and wildlife.

To read more about the Uganda Carnivore Program you can find their official website here –
Uganda Carnivore Program