About Our CSR Program

Our corporate social responsibility program acts to support selected non-profit partners in the regions where we operate. On your behalf, we will make a financial covenant to the partners in the region that we deem to be the most suitable to your safari. This is included in the cost of your safari.

The projects in our CSR program have been hand picked by us and are reviewed annually. Collectively, these organisations create long-term, self-sustaining projects that enrich the livelihoods of local communities, promote the conservation of predators, other megafauna (namely elephants), and great apes. They restore natural habitats and work with communities and rangers to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

We believe that this is the responsible path for any safari company to follow, especially when you’re visiting fragile conservation zones, to ensure that the wildlife and communities living alongside them can both be given the necessary support to thrive sustainably.

If you have been affected by the work of our partners whilst on safari and are interested in investing further in their work, please contact us and we will happily assist you to make direct contact with them.

If you wish to opt out of the donation, please just let us know.